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Lightning Home Services is here to serve YOU!

We offer exterior home services to Mustang, OK and the surrounding areas. We are here to assist YOU with routine maintenance around the exterior of your home. Gutter cleaning and pressure washing.

Hopefully relying on Lightning Home Services will bring you some peace of mind.




My name is Luke Lilly, owner and operator of Lightning Home Services.

A little about me........

I have lived in Oklahoma for 8 years and in Mustang for 6. Have a family of 5, my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children.

Enjoy helping fellow Okies keep their homes BEAUTIFUL!

Have many years of experience in the business/customer service world and understand the importance of Customer Service, Reliability, Professionalism, providing Good Quality services and going above and beyond.

My services are performed with the same TLC as if it was my own!

We take pride in everything we do!!

Backyard Washing

Maintaining the exterior of your home as a homeowner or renter, can be a hassle with all the research on the correct equipment, then finding the best deal, selecting the proper accessories for the jobs, learning the correct tool maintenance.  WOW, that sounds like a lot of work and brainpower! Then you have to find the time in your and mother nature's busy schedule to complete these routine maintenance tasks.

Save your time and money, let Lightning Home Services relieve you of the stress, hassle, and risk of personal injury!

No need to buy all that equipment......

Spend your hard-earned money on things you truly need like food, gas, children's college fund, family vacation, dream car, etc.


Gutter Cleaning

One of the best ways to protect your roof and foundation, is to have a good and well-maintained roof drainage system. Having your bi-annual gutter cleaning is essential to ensure no build-up in your gutters that could force water under your shingles and unnecessary water at your foundation.

We will clear your gutters of all debris including pressure clearing your downspouts. Perform a gutter flow test to ensure proper flow and operation.

Complimentary gutter brightening service, $75 value.

Patch and seal any gutter leaks you may have on the spot.

Book your gutter cleaning TODAY and we will add you to our bi-annual schedule and you will not have to worry about gutter cleaning and its performance again!


Pressure Washing

Oklahoma's red dirt leaves everything dirty!

We can help!!

Driveways, garage doors, walkways, whole house soft wash, foundations, gutter brightening, fence and deck revitalization.

Tired of the sour smells and flies around your trash can/dumpster??

We will leave your trash can clean and deodorized!